Awww!!! She probably held that cry in all day.

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Description: The hardest thing is letting them go. She's gonna be alright. It'll get better. They just get overcome with the flood of emotions… I’m sure she had a great day. <a href="" target="_blank">Dad will never forget</a> this one . She misses her daddy. <a href="" target="_blank">Sweet girl</a>! The first day is always the hardest. <a href="" target="_blank">Especially</a> if they have never been <a href="" target="_blank">away from home</a>. She was worried all day . Poor baby. Don’t ever bring me back here again!!!! She grabbed her stuff and was ready to leave. She of course remembered to grab all her stuff! Awww!!! She probably held that cry in all day. Oowwwhhh, may she learn hard and be a great benefit to her <a href="">family</a>, country and world at large.
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