Dude has mastered the art of slipping it in.

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Description: Dude has mastered the art of slipping it in. That mail wasn’t the only thing he slid in that day. Damn chill bro, leave some women for the rest of us lol. This has to be something scientific like the wind drag on the letter makes it more aerodynamic or some shit, I won’t accept the fact that this guys just built different. Not smarter if you get paid by the hour, Their voices just killed some brain cells. When you become what you want to become and When you discover gravity. That was wayyy too smooth. how its literally dropping a piece of paper? soo amazing it follows physics. Wow something I’ve never seen before!!!! this shit is dumb.

Most hallways in decent buildings are pressurized so what ever smells are coming from inside the units don't leak into the common areas. So there is a draft blowing in that direction So the only skill he has is the ability to drop the document.
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