When you make your sims make random thing, Next level of accident.

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Description: She really layed flat on the ground and the police guy is like : mam? Why is she rebooting again and again? The fact she kept trying lol, never give up, even if it means taking a nap between shifts. When you make your sims make random things, Next level of accident. I love how she kept messing with the hood like she was trying to find an off switch to turn it off. www.break.ie I'd give her a dollar for that EPIC performance of stupidity and the laughs. Those who don't know. In many countries, specifically in China, people pretend to get hit by cars and ask them to pay the damages or threatens to go to court. That's why dash cam is must ! And once you say sorry, it's over because legally you admitted the mistake. lol how to claim insurance unsuccessfully. the way the motorcycle riders just went around her. The car is too strong to handle her cant you see every time she touch the car she drop down.
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