Effects of spaceflight on Astronauts

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Description: Effects of spaceflight on Astronauts: Long-term exposure causes multiple health problems, one of the most significant being loss of bone and muscle mass. Over time these deconditioning effects can impair astronauts' performance, increase their risk of injury, reduce their aerobic capacity, and slow down their cardiovascular system.
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Terrible!!! Without gravity. I believe it is impart because of lack of exposure to a magnetic influence we experience on earth amongst other reasons. Humans regulate their own environment, and when the environment is changed (or we are removed from it) we evolve and change the conditions of our own environment. Do people realize it takes time for their bodies to readjust to gravity on the planet? And some have it harder than other due to health, diet and other factors??? When you disconnect yourself from the earth, your body gets used to different conditions and you rapidly evolve to be able to regulate those conditions. As you are on earth, you share an electrical ground plane with the earth, and your body uses those charges in various ways. Separated from that, your body can’t send current as easily back to the earth and thus the effects you see in astronauts after returning to earth. Personally I don't think The Human Rase has been ment to go into Space